MATLAB File Help: HebiUtils.loadGroupLog
  loadGroupLog loads a binary .hebilog file into memory
    This method converts binary log files into a log struct that 
    contains all the feedback from a group over time that the group
    was being logged.  Format of the log struct mirrors that of the
    feedback struct, except that there are multiple rows of
    data, each corresponding to a successive point in time.
    'InputFile' Argument (required)
       Absolute or relative path to the binary log file.
    'View' Parameter (optional)
       'Simple'  loads only simple feedback. This is appropriate
                 for most users and results in much smaller log
                 files. (default)
       'Full'    loads all available feedback. This is appropriate
                 for advanced users that need additional timestamps
                 or data from less common sensors.
       'IO'      loads feedback fields specific to I/O devices,
                 such as analog and digital pins, or the button and
                 slider states of the HEBI Mobile I/O app.
       'Mobile'  loads feedback fields specific to mobile devices,
                 such as GPS and ARKit/ARCore estimates.
    Additionally, this method returns info and gains if the
    corresponding data is contained within the log. For
    logs recorded before version 1.1, very short
    logs, and logs that were taken while the lookup was
    disabled, info and gains may return empty.
        % 1) Create a binary .hebilog file
        group = HebiLookup.newGroupFromFamily('*');
        logFile = group.startLog();
        group.stopLog('format','raw'); % Does not convert log to
                                       % memory.
        % 2) Load the log from the binary file
        hebiLog = HebiUtils.loadGroupLog(logFile);
        plot(hebiLog.time, hebiLog.position);
        % 3) Also read info and gains
        [hebiLog, info, gains] = HebiUtils.loadGroupLog(logFile)
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