MATLAB File Help: HebiGroup/startLog
 startLog logs incoming feedback data to disk
    This method starts logging of incoming module feedback.
    Logging is done in the background and does not interfere
    with ongoing operations.
    Note that all logs are initially streamed into a binary
    streaming format, which gets converted into a readable
    format by stopLog. Alternatively, binary logs can also be
    converted manually by convertGroupLog, which can be useful
    after a system crash or if different formats are needed.
    If the log is empty, make sure that the feedback polling
    rate is set and that the hardware is turned on.
    A repeated call to startLog will stop active logging, and
    restart in a new file. No data will be lost. Doing this
    has little overhead, and can be useful to split log-files
    in a long running application.
    'Directory' ('dir') Parameter
       '<name>'  sets the relative or absolute directory of the
                 binary file
       (default) current working directory
    'FileName' ('file') Parameter
       '<name>'  sets the filename for the binary file, as well as
                 any later converted file such as mat or csv.
       (default) a generated unique name based on the timestamp
        log = group.stopLog();
        plot(log.time, log.position);
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Access public
Sealed false
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