MATLAB File Help: HebiGroup/stopLog
 stopLog stops logging and converts the log to a specified format
    This method stops logging, converts the binary streaming
    format into a specified format, and returns an appropriate
    return value.
    If the result is a struct, this method returns the struct.
    If the result is a file, this method returns the absolute
    path to the resulting file.
    'LogFormat' ('format') Parameter
       'Memory' converts to an in-memory struct. Large logs can
                result in out-of-memory errors. (default)
       'Csv'    converts data to a CSV file
       'Mat'    converts data to a MAT file
       'Raw'    returns the path to the raw .hebilog file and 
                does not perform any format conversion. This
                is useful when you do not want there to be any
                pauses or hangs due to log conversion.
    'View' Parameter
       'Simple' converts only simple feedback. This is appropriate
                for most users and results in much smaller log
                files. (default)
       'Full'   converts all available feedback. This is appropriate
                for advanced users that need additional timestamps
                or data from less common sensors.
       'IO'     converts feedback related to input/output
       'Mobile' converts feedback related to mobile devices
                such as phones or tablets.
        % Log into .mat file and load into MATLAB
        log = load(group.stopLog('LogFormat', 'mat'));
        plot(log.time, log.position);
        % Plot positions over time
        log = group.stopLogFull();
        hold on;
        plot(time, log.position, '-');
        plot(time, log.positionCmd, '--');
        ylabel('position [rad]');
        xlabel('time [s]');
        title('Logged Positions')
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