MATLAB File Help: SafetyParamsStruct
  SafetyParamsStruct can be used to set safety parameters of groups
    The struct created by this function can be used to set a variety of
    safety limits and strategy parameters on a group of modules.
    The online documentation provides more information about the 
    different control parameters:
    SafetyParamStructs can be loaded and saved to an XML file format with 
    functions provided in HebiUtils.  This format is the preferred way
    of storing and loading parameters for different demos / applications.
    More information on the XML format can be found at:
    Empty entries in the struct and NaNs for any individual values in
    safety parameters are ignored, i.e., any existing setting on the
    device for that parameter will remain unmodified.
    Example (Loading safety parameters from XML file and setting on a group):
        safetyParams = HebiUtils.loadSafetyParams('mySafetyParams.xml');
        group.send('SafetyParams', safetyParams);
    Example (Saving safety parameters to XML file)
        safetyParams = group.getSafetyParams();
        HebiUtils.saveSafetyParams(safetyParams, 'mySafetyParams.xml');
    Example (Manually setting safety limits):
        limits = SafetyParamsStruct()
        limits.positionMinLimit = [-pi -pi];
        limits.positionMaxLimit = [+pi +pi];
        group.send('SafetyParams', limits);
    The 'mStopStrategy' and 'positionLimitStrategy' fields represent
    enumerated values. You can find the available values in 
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