MATLAB File Help: HebiUtils.plotLogs
 plotLogs Nicely formatted plotting of HEBI logs.
    HebiUtils.plotLogs(hebiLogs, feedbackField);
    Required Arguments:
        'InputLogs' is a single hebiLog object or a cell array 
        of log objects. Logs can come from logging modules 
        online with HebiGroup.stopLog(), loaded from a saved file  
        using HebiUtils.loadGroupLog(). Or selected manually 
        from a UI dialog using HebiUtils.loadGroupLogsUI().
        'FeedbackField' is a string corresponding to a feedback
        field in the log object. If the field is 'position',
        'velocity', or 'effort', the plots will show both the
        feedback and commanded values in an upper subplot, and
        it will show the error of the tracked commands in a
        lower subplot.
    Optional Parameters:
        'Modules' is a vector of module indices you would like
        to plot. If you do not provide this parameter or pass
        in [], then it will plot all modules in the group.
        'FigNum' is the figure number you would like to use for
        plots. If multiple log files are plotted, then the
        subsequent figure numbers increment by 1 starting at
        FigNUm. If FigNum is not specified, then a new figure
        will be created to avoid over-writing figures.
        % Plot the commanded and feedback positions of all the
        % modules in one or more logs.
        HebiUtils.plotLogs(hebiLogs, 'position');
        % Same as above, except that this call only plots the
        % first two modules in the group, and the figure number
        % for multiple logs start at 100.
        HebiUtils.plotLogs(hebiLogs, 'position', ...
            'Modules', 1:2, ...
            'FigNum', 100);
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