MATLAB File Help: HebiMobileIO/update
  update updates internal state with the next feedback
    This method is a wrapper around group.getNextFeedback()
    that updates multiple feedback structs at once. 
    This method is blocking by default, but non-blocking
    behavior can be specified using the 'timeout' parameter.
    Non-blocking behavior is often useful when the mobile
    device is on wireless and may lose packets every once in a
    while. In many cases it is better to keep running with old
    data instead of blocking the entire demo.
       [hasNewFeedback, feedbackAge] = mobileIO.update('timeout',0);
       if feedbackAge > 10
         error('mobileIO has been stage for 10 seconds!');
       if hasNewFeedback
         ikTarget = mobileIO.getArPose();
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