MATLAB File Help: CommandStruct
  CommandStruct is used to send commands to groups of modules.
    The struct created by this function is used to command positions,
    velocities, and efforts to a group of modules. You can command any
    combination of positions, velocities, and efforts simultaneously.
    The details on how simultaneous commands get combined on the module
    will depend on the gains and control parameters on the module.
    These gains can be set using a GainStruct and HebiGroup.send().
    Setting the empty matrix [] disables control for all modules for 
    that command.  When you initialize a new CommandStruct the fields 
    for position, velocity, and effort are all empty by default.
    Setting any individual command to NaN will disable the controller
    on that specific module for that command.
    Note that commands sent to a module will only be active for as long
    as the commandLifetime, or until a new command is sent, whichever
    comes first.
    A CommandStruct only has to be initialized once, and the fields can
    be overwritten and reused multiple times in a loop.  When setting
    in a loop it is important to limit the loop rate using either a
    pause or a feedback request, see examples below.
        % Send zero-effort commmands to a group of 3 modules
        cmd = CommandStruct();
        while toc < 5
            cmd.effort = [0 0 0];
            pause(.01);     % Use pause to limit loop rate
        % Send position and velocity commands to all modules in a
        % group, automatically finding the proper number of modules.
        numModules = group.getNumModules;
        cmd = CommandStruct();
        cmd.position = zeros(1,numModules);
        cmd.velocity = zeros(1,numModules);
        cmd.effort = [];
        while toc < 10
            fbk = group.getNextFeedback();  % Use getNextFeedback() to
                                            % limit loop rate.
        % Send velocity commands to the first and last modules in a
        % 3-module group, but not the second.
        cmd = CommandStruct();
        while toc < 15
            cmd.velocity = [1 nan 1];
            pause(.01);     % Use pause to limit loop rate
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