MATLAB File Help: HebiGroup/setCommandLifetime
 setCommandLifetime sets the command lifetime [s].
    The command lifetime is the duration for which a sent 
    command remains active. If the hardware does not receive
    further commands within the specified time frame, all local
    controllers get deactivated. This is a safety feature
    to mitigate the risk of accidents in case programs get
    interrupted in an unsafe state, e.g., on user interrupts
    (ctrl+c) or during a network fault.
    Additionally, supporting hardware does not accept commands
    from any other sources during the lifetime of a command.
    This mitigates the risk of other users accidentally sending
    conflicting targets from, e.g., the GUI, or any other groups
    running in Matlab or from any other APIs.
    This feature can be disabled by setting '0' or the empty
    matrix '[]'. When disabled, the hardware will continue to
    execute the last sent command. Note that this can result in
    unexpected behavior when sending efforts and velocities.
    Commands sent with an 'inf' lifetime never expire, and the
    module stays locked indefinitely. Crashes may require a
    hardware reset, so use with caution.
    The default command lifetime for a new group is 0.25 sec.
       % Stop motions if hardware does not receive commands at
       % least once every 100 ms.
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