MATLAB File Help: HebiUtils.loadHRDF
  loadHRDF loads an hrdf file and parses HebiKinematics objects
    This method is similar to HebiKinematics(hrdfFile) with
    additional support for tree structures and multiple end
    More information and background on kinematics:
    More information on the HEBI Robot Description Format (HRDF):
       % Load an hrdf with a single end effector
       kin = HebiUtils.loadHRDF(hrdfFile);
       % Get the index mask corresponding to the used joints
       [kin, mask] = HebiUtils.loadHRDF(hrdfFile);
       position = fbk.position(mask);
       FK = kin.getForwardKinematicsEndEffector(position);
       % Get multiple end effectors and their corresponding masks
       [~,~,kins,masks] = HebiUtils.loadHRDF(hrdfFile);
       FK = cell(length(kins),1);
       for i = 1:length(kins)
         position = fbk.position(masks{i});
         FK{i} = kins{i}.getForwardKinematicsEndEffector(position);
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