MATLAB File Help: HebiKinematics/getDynamicCompEfforts
  getDynamicCompEfforts calculates joint efforts that
  compensate for dynamic motions
    This method computes the efforts that are required to
    accelerate the body masses as determined from the specified
    positions, velocities, and accelerations.
    A recommended way of determining a set of desired
    positions, velocities, and accelerations is to use the
    HebiTrajectoryGenerator to create minimum-jerk trajectories
    for the motion of the system.
    'Positions' argument expects a vector of positions of
    all degrees of freedom, used for computing the Jacobian,
    where (effort = J' * desiredForces)
    'TargetPositions', 'TargetVelocities', and
    'TargetAccelerations' typically come from some sort of
    trajectory generation function, like HebiTrajectoryGenerator
    (link in "see also"), or a sine trajectory (example below).
       % Compensate for dynamics of sinusoidal motion
       fbk = group.getNextFeedback();
       time = 0.0;
       freq = 1.0 * (2*pi);  % 1 Hz
       amp = 1.0; % rad
       position = amp * sin( freq * time );
       velocity = freq * amp * cos( freq*time );
       accel = -freq^2 * amp * sin( freq*time );
       cmdPositions = position * ones(1,group.getNumModules);
       cmdVelocities = velocity * ones(1,group.getNumModules);
       cmdAccelerations = accel * ones(1,group.getNumModules);
       efforts = kin.getDynamicCompEfforts(...
                                     fbk.position, ...
                                     cmdPositions, ...
                                     cmdVelocities, ...
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